...  is an Olive Oil of superior category obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Collected using traditional methods, the olives are ground on the same day of collection, the basis of its quality. It´ s one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils, a blend of native varieties «Borriolenca», «Farga» and «Serrana» by millenarian trees. Oil-bodied and pleasant flavour, its intensity is very high. Its tasting notes are intensely fruity, being the bitter and spicy nuances between light / media levels. Of a refined and slightly sweet taste, it is remarkable the great balance between its flavour and the bitter and spicy intensities.


It is important to understand the difficulty of obtaining a superior quality Extra Virgin olive oil. The family of olives trees, the characteristics of the soil in which they are settled, the circumstances in which the olives are grown, the care with which its collecting and milling, including the climatology of each campaign, affect the level of a ever-changing taste parameters. 



Our Olive Oil meets all the requirements of physical, chemical and sensory analysis that qualify it as Extra Virgin .





The concept of blend | COUPAGE  in the olive oil is the same as for wine. It is the oil obtained from different varieties of olives in different proportions. It should make it clear that the mixture of different varieties of olives does not get worse the quality of the oil, the aim is the opposite. The mixture of varieties is carried out in the milling phase and always using healthy olives that guarantee a high quality oil. It seeks to make the most of each variety to get an extra point of quality olive oil.





The tests realized to determine the quality of the Olive oil are:


Chemical parameters:

Grade or index of acidity: indicator of the quantity of present free greasy acids in the oil, expressed as well as per cent of oleic acid.

Peroxides index: it measures the state of initial oxidation of oil, expresses itself in miliequivalentes of active oxygen for kilo of fat.

Absorbance or (UV): there are indicators of the presence of oil of compounds of oxidation complex, different from the peroxides. It expresses itself by means of a well-known coefficient as K270.


Sensory analysis:

Organoleptic assesment: with the organoleptic analysis are obtained puntuactions on the defects of the oil, if it has them, of the level of fruity and the general punctuation of the panel of tasting.


This information is determinant to classify an oil like Extra Virgin or Virgin.





The tasting of the virgin olive oil is carried out, in controlled conditions, by a group of tasters chosen and trained to perceive the different sensory features and to value these according to the pre-established methodology for the Internacional Olive Council (IOOC) and endorsed by the European Community (CE).


The tasters are constituted in "Panel" composed by a chief of panel and between 8 and 12 tasters.


The positive attributes must keep certain balance between themselves. For example the  predominance of much piquant would not be considered positively either.


Series of Attributes that the test panels consider to be positive and negative:


SMELL | The positive aromas that can be in the olive oil are: olive matures, olive, avocado, basil, artichoke, almond is bitter, almond, camomile, asparagus, strawberries, fruits of the forest, dry fruits, grass, fig tree, fennel, apple matures, apple, orange, nut, olive tree, pear, pepper, pine nut kernel, plant of tomato, banana, grapefruit, broom, rosemary, tomato and thyme.

The negative aromas would be: sour, vinegary, avinado, mellow, rotten you (erase), been stuck, to mold or moisture, basket and cash.


TASTE | The positive attributes that we can find are: Fruity (with memories to healthy fruit), I clean (exempt from defects), fresh air, fruits (that he remembers to certain fruits), I embitter (a light bitterness is typical of some olive varieties), recover (that resembles the healthy fruit, without alterations), sweet, chocolate and nut-covered ice cream (I resemble sweet or bitter almonds), piñonado and vegetable (that resembles grass, sheets and other vegetables).

The negative attributes would be: intense bitterness, intense itch (some olives offer a light itch, but if it is intense it comes from alterations), fallen leaves (dry sheets), avinado, sourly or vinegary, acid, basket, ropes or esparto, warmed up, frozen olives, mold or moisture, cash, wood or firewood, flocks or been stuck (of the oil), worms, rotten and mellow.



We do not have stocks of extra virgin olive oil. We supply exclusively on order. It allows us to maintain the extra virgin olive oil in the isothermal wine vault, to constant temperature of 18ºC.


10liveoil is a brand of the product produced and packaged by the Cooperative San Juan Bautista of San Juan de Moró in Castellón | Spain

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