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ALCORA Castellón´s province, constitutes the door and capital of L´Alcalaten´s Region. It has a mediterranean climate of transition to the interior mountain, dry of few dampness. It is in this frame, in which the olive trees coexist with the traditional crop of the zone, the almond-trees in small plots of land. 


In the bosom of an agricultural family, born the tradition for the culture of the field transmitted today to the third generation. For more than 100 years we work our poperties, we elaborate with the greatest care the products resultants in order to impel the integral and sustainable development of the rural sector.


On the other hand we are very young. renau gestiónempresarial s.l. is constituted in 2013 answering anassiduous desire of its founders for forming, prospering and achieving the development of the rural environment being provided with the effort and support of the family.


The brand 10LIVEOIL arises at the begining of 2014 with the initiative to promote and give value to a high quality product , the Extra Virgin Olive oil. This it is the spirit that pushes us and our implication in the whole process of  production is full and exclusive.


Our company focuses on the agricultural concern and cultivation of our own fields. 

We carry out the management of our fields, beyond the consideration of exclusively economic and productivity criteria, environmental and social criteria from the point of view of planning and prevention as well as from the point of view of the proper management and control. 

Under the name of 10liveoil is currently marketed our Extra Olive Oil. We work to incorporate new products of our own production, always following quality standards.

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