... is the most noble of the vegetable fats for its quality and its beneficial qualities for the health. This oily juice of the olive is the jewel of the Mediterranean diet,

considered by the experts one of the healthiest diets of the world and declared by the UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage of the  Humanity. 

This type of oil contains important quantities of monounsaturated fats and oleic acid, which have been related to a reduction of the risk of the cardiovascular  diseases. Also, it contains antirust and other antiinflammatory nutrients that help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, fight thefree radicals and prepare the  premature aging. 

Although in Spain we possess a bimillennialculture and of that we are the first worldproducers, the culture of the olive oil is little extended in our country. In 10LIVEOIL we try to spread the culture of the EVOO like main base of theMediterranean diet, betting decisively for the quality and not for the quantity.  Our intentIon is not only to present ourmark to the consumer, but also to collaborate in the knowledge on the handling of the olivegrove and the making of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil.




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... is one of the most adaptable food in our kitchen. It is able to provide an unique flavor and aroma to dishes prepared in many different ways.


Raw, the EVOO expresses its full potential flavor and aroma . It is ideal for salads, sauces or vegetables because preserves the whole aroma and flavor. Very suitable for all kinds of sauces and cold soups like gazpacho.

In sautéed and stews, simmering and low temperature, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil keeps all its properties, especially with legumes and vegetables.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most stable vegetable fats and do not produce toxic reactions when it is fried, roasted or baked, thus contributing to improving the gastronomic qualities of food. AOVE fried and not baked, as do others. For this reason, it is suited for cooking at high temperatures, between 130 and 180 degrees Celsius. At this temperature it creates a fine and consistent, crisp and golden surface layer that does not let impregnate fat inside while allowing the food to retain all its juiciness, without decreasing the nutritional value . Furthermore, since the olive oil hardly penetrates the food, it is lighter and more digestible.

Recommended in pastry, due to its varieties of olives, 10LIVEOIL  gives excellent results : cakes , muffins , sweets with almonds and hazelnuts , chocolate , etc. It can also be used to make ice cream.



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